Feb 12, 2010

The real meaning of Bazzinga

I've finally accomplished something in life, however fleeting it might be. To be ranked 1 against the billions of web pages google indexes for 'The meaning of Bazzinga' is quite shocking and flattering, more so, because the post it appeared on had only the individual words in a completely different context.
The attention seems to stem from the Latin/South American countries and from Southern Europe. I guess those who searched for it were interested in knowing the etymology of Bazzinga.
Poor souls, redirected by the wise sage Google to this blog containing kilotons of crap.
For the uninitiated, anything that sounds like Bazzinga (or Bazinga or the most recent mod, BUZZinga..) had its roots in the awesome sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory' wherein Sheldon Cooper uses it to add the icing on the cake to his 'pranks' or 'successful attempts at fooling others'. I wonder how the last sentence will translate into other languages, with all the added complications. It might sound like a cake recipe. Oh well :-/

Apart from cementing my place as the world's renowned scholar on this post's title, its just unbelievable where we're headed to. Information at the click of a mouse, at the touch of a screen, available to anyone. Its been there for almost a decade now, but it struck me only recently on how different things are. The web has changed everything, EVERYTHING! 15 years back, having those hefty encyclopedia's at home was the ultimate knowledge base. Anything you wanted to know back then was surely listed in those limited books and I used to be quite shocked on how almost everything could be condensed into a bookshelf. Cisco's Viking Router advertisement strikes me as I typed that. Quoting from their site, "400 gigabits capability that is akin to sustain a flow of 20 Niagara Falls passing through it every second or downloading a digital library of every book ever written in any language in a single hour." Sure, it makes a great advertisement, but then the magnitude is VERY shocking!

We have all the entertainment we need at the push of a few buttons, access to anything we'd like to know more about via a simple Internet connection. Where do we go from here? I remember an article in Gamasutra that listed the top entries for 'What games would be like in 10 years' which just blew me away. There were such insane stories, so out-of-this-world, brilliantly creative to say the very least.
Though the question has been posed several times, I never bothered to think about it. I seemed to have lost my 'thinking cap' and a lot of hair with it when the dot-com bubble burst :x
I'm sure there are many others, who'd agree that they've almost stopped thinking after the advent of the search engine. What could be more easier than typing a query and allowing electrons to figure out everything for you? If within a decade of web explosion, this is the state, I wonder what it would be like in the future. May be, the future isn't far away or in other words, the end is near. December 2012. The End.


Mannu said...

"I seemed to have lost my 'thinking cap' and a lot of hair with it when the dot-com bubble burst "

Nice one kodole..
I, myself was beginning to compose a post on the future of technology..kind of an imaginative one..i guess i will delete it now..u stole my thunder! :x

Raja said...

:D lol you should post on that da! you're much more into gadgets than me..

Diego said...
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Diego said...

Read Hyperion. In that novel, people connect their brains directly to a "datasphere" on the planet. Just a couple of seconds and you gather any info you want with flawless precision. It's OK. We're going to be experts analyzing the information and making sense of the data, rather than remembering every single bit of information.

Gaetano said...

Kudos !!!

jolx said...

In Spain, when Sheldon says Bazzinga it's translated as "Zas! en toda la boca!", that means like "Zas! in the whole mouth!", an idiom that it's said when somebody says something clever that makes other people keep quiet